Armageddon 23.0.

BGGI orchestrated a spectacular celebration of technological prowess and creativity through ‘Armageddon 23.0.’This Tech Fest showcased a wide array of technical and non-technical events, highlighting the diverse talents of our exceptional students. Their participation was truly exceptional, marked by unwavering enthusiasm and exceptional skills, ensuring the resounding success of each event.

The presence of esteemed dignitaries, including our Chief Guest, added honor to the occasion, with their inspiring speeches leaving the audience motivated. Dr. (Prof.) Tanuja Srivastava, Campus Director, provided valuable insights, emphasizing the importance of education and innovation. The event also featured captivating performances by renowned singers and artists. Ayush Talniya and Mohini Sikarwar captivated the audience with their mesmerizing acts, while popular singer Ninja electrified the stage with a performance that had everyone on their feet, adding an exciting dimension to the fest.Armageddon 23.0′ featured a diverse range of technical competitions, workshops, and interactive sessions designed to challenge and inspire participants. From coding challenges to robotics competitions, the fest provided a platform for students to demonstrate their skills, creativity, and ingenuity in various fields of technology. It served as an excellent opportunity for networking, knowledge sharing, and collaboration among individuals passionate about technology and innovation.

Highlights of ‘Armageddon 23.0′ included keynote addresses by industry experts, insightful panel discussions on emerging trends in technology, and hands-on workshops aimed at enhancing participants’ technical abilities. Additionally, the fest featured competitive events that tested participants’ problem-solving skills, teamwork, and technical proficiency.

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