Mandatory Disclosure

1 Details of the Institution
1.1 Name of Institution: Bhai Gurdas Institute of Allied Sciences, Sangrur
1.2 Date of Establishment: 2021
1.3 Complete Postal Address: Main Patiala Road, Sangrur
1.4 Phone: 01672-278528,29
1.5 Fax:
1.6 Email: [email protected], [email protected]
1.7 Web Site Address http:/
1.8 Nearest Railway Station Sangrur
1.9 Nearest Town Sangrur
1.10 Type of Institution Co-Education
1.11 Status of Institution Non-Minority
2 Management
2.1 Government Owned NA
2.2 Government Aided NA
2.3 Self – Financed Yes
2.4 University Department NA
3 Details of the course Applied for:
3.1 Level of the Course UG
3.2 Name of the Teacher Education B.Sc
3.3 Duration of the Course: Three/Four Years
3.4 Whether to be conducted in face
to face or distance mode
Face to Face
3.5 Present Intake 30/60 (Thirty/Sixty) one basic unit
3.6 Academic Session form which
the course we be conducted
3.7 Details of the Affiliating Body Name Maharaja Ranjit Singh Punjab State Technical University, Bathinda
3.8 Address/ Tel / Fax No : Bhai Gurda Institute of Allied Sciences, Sangrur, Main Patiala Road Sangrur (148001) Pb.
Phone:- 01672-278528
Fax:- 278529
E-mail Id:- [email protected]
4 Land:
4.1 Land area in Sq mt : 2780
4.2 Whether the Title of the Land is on Ownership basis : No
4.3 Title of the Land is on Lease as per Law: Yes
4.4 Duration of the Lease: 95 Years
4.5 Land use Certificate obtained for Educational Institution: Yes
5 Building
5.1 Construction of the Building is Complete: Yes
5.2 Building is yet to be constructed : No
5.3 Building is fire safety proof: Yes
5.4 Building is disabled friendly : Yes
5.5 Common Room for Boys / Girls available: Yes
5.6 Date of completion of the Building: 23.2.2021
5.7 Covered Area Sq mt : 1972.00
5.8 Number of Class Room: 06
5.9 Other Facilities : Seminar Hall, Multipurpose Hall, E-Learning Classroom, HOD Chamber,
Staff Cabin, Hostel for Girls, Generator, RO Drinking Water, Internet with Wifi
6 Library :
6.1 The Library has separate reference section / Journal Section and Reading room: Yes
6.2 Number of Books in the library: 1525
6.3 Total Number of educational Journals / periodicals being subscribed 74
6.4 Number of encyclopedias available in the library: 8
6.5 Number of books available in the reference section in the library: 300
6.6 Seating capacity of the reading room the library: 150
7 Instructional Facilities:
7.1 Details of laboratories available
(pl. attach annexure):
Human Anatomy and Physiology-1, Applied Biochemistry, Communication Skills, Basic Anatomy, Physiology, Biochemistry, Basics of Computer Science
7.2 Arrangement made for practice
7.3 Number and name of School (S) for practice teaching:
8 Manpower Name Date of Birth Qualification
8.1 Details of Teaching Staff
(Date of Birth, Qualification, Professional
Qualification and other relevant information)
Dr. Renu Sharma 15.10.1985 M.Sc, Ph.D
Dr. Akshita Sharma M.Sc, Ph.D
Ms. Renu Nagpal 16.09.1983 M.Sc
Dr. Pardeep Goyal 30.11.1982 Ph.D
Ms. Satwinder Kaur 24.02.1987 M.Sc
Ms.Chandeep Kaur 08.11.1989 M.Sc
Ms. Divya Sharma 07.09.1990 M.Sc
Ms. Deepinder Kaur 23.08.1984 M.Sc
Ms. Kamalpreet Kaur 04.11.91 M.Sc
Ms. Punardeep Kaur 23.02.1990 M.Sc
Ms. Triza 01.10.1986 MA. B.Ed.
Ms. Rajneesh Kaur 07.12.1996 M.Sc
Ms. Jyoti Sharma 06.11.1989 M.Sc
8.2 Details of non-teaching staff
9 Facilities for Games and Sports:
9.1 Own play Ground Yes
9.2 Play Ground of another
institution on sharing basis
9.3 Gymnasium Multipurpose Hall : Yes
9.4 Facilities of Gymnasium : Yes
9.5 Facilities for Athletics: Yes
9.6 Facilities for Indoor Games: Yes
9.7 Facilities for Outdoor Games Yes
10 Other Facilities Available :
10.1 Canteen Facilities Available Yes
10.2 Medical Facilities Available No
10.3 Hostel Facilities Available Yes